There are two possible inputs:
- The alphanumeric code of the voucher. The code has 12 characters. You can pass the code with (e.g. ABCD-ABCD-ABCD) or without
(e.g. ABCDABCDABCD) dashes.

- A voucher2mobile - ShortCode


code The voucher code. If you sent a voucher2mobile - ShortCode it will return the voucher code of this ShortCode.

Use this code for further operations (e.g. for the redeem request, print on the receipt, store in the database). Don't use the code which was entered by the user.
is_redeemable Indicates if the requested voucher can be redeemed. If the voucher can't be redeemed, you find the reason in the message.
Some reasons
it was not found

it's not paid

it's already redeemed

it's a proforma voucher
balance_in_cents Amount in cents. Maison (PR) vouchers can have 0 as value.
total_amount_in_cents Total-amount in cents. Maison (PR) vouchers can have 0 as value.
product_id The ID of the voucher product.
message If the voucher is not redeemable (is_redeemable=false) the message contains the reason why the requested voucher can't be redeemed. The message is returned in the client's default language.

This field can also contain a note that has been saved with the voucher in the back office.
extraUsed for special cases. By default it's value is null